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[ANNOUNCEMENT] wxWidgets3.0 3.0.3-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libwx_baseu3.0_0-3.0.3-1
* libwx_baseu3.0-devel-3.0.3-1
* libwx_gtk2u3.0_0-3.0.3-1
* libwx_gtk2u3.0-devel-3.0.3-1
* libwx_gtk3u3.0_0-3.0.3-1
* libwx_gtk3u3.0-devel-3.0.3-1
* wxWidgets3.0-doc-3.0.3-1
* mingw64-i686-wxWidgets3.0-3.0.3-1
* mingw64-x86_64-wxWidgets3.0-3.0.3-1

wxWidgets is a set of libraries that allows C++ applications to compile and 
run on several different types of computer, with minimal source code 
changes. There is one library per supported GUI. As well as providing a 
common API for GUI functionality, it provides functionality for accessing 
some commonly-used operating system facilities, from copying and deleting 
files to socket and thread support.

This is an update to the latest stable release:


The Python bindings are no longer built concurrently, as they have moved to
their own release schedule.


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