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Re: Presence of cygwin64 elements in an existing Cygwin 32 install after updating

Keith Christian writes:
> What is the meaning of "result was 0" and "result was 1" above?

It tells you whether the package needs to be updated (1) or not (0).

> then, another listing similar to this:
>     Found category KDE in package akonadi
>     Deleted manual package akonadi
>     Found category KDE in package amor
>     Deleted manual package amor
>     Found category KDE in package artikulate
>     Deleted manual package artikulate
>     Found category KDE in package automoc4
>     Deleted manual package automoc4
>     Found category KDE in package baloo
>     Deleted manual package baloo
> What does the above mean?

You are deleting all packages in category KDE from the command line

> Are these Perl packages set for removal because they are used by KDE?
>     package perl comparing versions 5.22.4-1 and 5.22.1-2, result was 1

They are set for update, not removal.

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