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Re: Aw: Re: Strange errors with gcc and top, even after rebaseall

On 24.08.2017 04:16, Eliot Moss wrote:
On 8/24/2017 3:16 AM, nobodyO@xxxxxx wrote:
  the 64bit version, with all packages installed, has no problem.
But i also want a 32bit version.

You can have the 32 bit version installed, but not all the packages.
Cygwin's approach to making fork work as closely as possible to the
way it works on Posix requires each Cygwin DLL to be put in its own
reserved place in the address space.  The sum total of the DLLs
exceeds the available 32 bit address space.

Remember "a.out shared libraries" in mid-1990's Linux?

These had pre-assigned, fixed addresses.

Building them involved a trick which captured the assembly output
from gcc and was text filtering it.


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