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Re: alias appears to not work inside a called bash script

Kaz Kylheku wrote:

There is an issue there (though not for the Cygwin project).

I don't see where  ...
"expanding aliases in interactive mode, but ignoring them in non-interactive
operation" [is required by POSIX].

POSIX seems to unequivocally be calling for Alias Expansion to occur
under all conditions.
Could you list the http reference for that?

And, indeed, this is not a bug in Bash; they know that this is
a POSIX deviation. Because, voila, aliases *are* expanded in
script mode if we do one of two things:

   #!/bin/bash --posix

   Only in cygwin (4.4.12).

   In my linux version of bash, expand_aliases is not turned on
in POSIX mode.  Created scripts:

shopt -s |grep expand


#!/bin/bash --posix
shopt -s |grep expand

On cygwin they show:
expand_aliases on

Not so on linux (same version of bash 4.4.12)

Is there a definitive reference for this feature?


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