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Re: gcc segfaults compiling python extensions

> Was there a stackdump file you could have attached?  What happens if you
> remove the -O3 and -O2 for that matter. I find it interesting that
> you're using a 32bit Cygwin on a server that only executes on a 64bit
> CPU.  Does this happen with 64bit Cygwin?  No, then use it instead.

So this does not happen on 64-bit Cygwin. I use both this is part of
CI testing I want to have the code compile on both, or skip the test

> So some anomaly in Windows itself was resolved.  Should we really worry
> about such an issue in Cygwin?  Only if Cygwin is using some API that is
> only available in Windows Server 2016 is my POV.

Recent similar failures have me think the issue is still there even on
newer versions of Windows.

> You could try debugging the failures.  Follow the gcc issue with an
> strace of the processes.  Attach the stackdump file if one was created, etc.

Seeing the issue seems to be still there, when time permits, I'll see
what information I can collect regarding this issue and update this

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