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Re: Current timestamp

On 16/08/2017 19:26, David Stacey wrote:
On 16/08/17 15:35, Ugly Leper wrote:
Looked at several mirror sites just this minute (1435 GMT Aug 16).
All showing setup.ini with setup-timestamp 1502381207 (Aug 10) whereas
most recent update seems to have been stamped 1502735714 (Aug 14).

This appears to be affecting x86 only, where setup.ini is timestamped 2017-08-10. For x86_64, setup.ini is dated 2017-08-14.

This isn't a mirroring issue, as I'm seeing this on sourceware.

Jon: Is calm running correctly for x86?

sourceware.org is having some fallout from a hardware upgrade (see [1]).

Some things got restored from backup.  Work is ongoing.

[1] https://www.sourceware.org/ml/overseers/2017-q3/msg00060.html

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