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Re: gawk 4.1.4: CR separate char for CRLF files

Achim Gratz wrote:
Vermessung AVT - Wolfgang Rieger writes:
> Another solution which we have been using for many years now, though 
> it might not be feasible for you:

----------------------------- snip --------------------------------

Jannick, another idea I had thought of previously might eventually help:

There is the possibility in awk to include source code by @include "myfile.awk" syntax. I was sometimes thinking of providing a general awk script that could deal with oddities of any kind that could easily be changed just in myfile.awk when necessary, e.g. due to updates. You could even think of an optional environment variable to control which script to include. It should be easy to add such an @include line in all gawk scripts automatically. Did you thing of something like that?

Kind regards,

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