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httping requires libfftw3_3 (cygcheck report)


httping is not working without libfftw3_3 (cygcheck /bin/httping.exe fail)
libfftw3_3 needs to be in requires list (I have to install it manually)

@ httping
sdesc: "Ping-like program for http-requests"
ldesc: "Show how long it takes to connect to a hostname or remote
url; send a request and retrieve the reply (only the headers)."
category: Web
requires: libgcc1 libopenssl100
version: 2.4+20151029+gitb1521a6-1

@ libfftw3_3
sdesc: "Fast Fourier transforms C library - runtime"
ldesc: "Fast Fourier transforms C library"
category: Libs Math
requires: cygwin
version: 3.3.6-pl1-1

cygwin setup 2.881 (64 bit)

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