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Re: Errors on installing additional packages

Blaesse, Michael writes:
> I used Cygwin 1.7 32 bit installed on a network drive on Windows 7
> client for more than a year. Since a few weeks I get similar error
> messages like the ones below trying to install additional packages
> with the corresponding setup.exe.  Thus, I did a fresh install of
> Cygwin 2.8 64 bit with the setup-x86_64.exe downloaded on August 3,
> 2017 in a new directory on the network drive (as I did already several
> times with older versions).  Running the setup again, really all
> packages are marked with "Skip". If I select one for installation or
> just go on I get the error massages below. According to the attached
> output of cygcheck eg bzip2 is installed (computer name, username and
> groups from ADS replaced or removed).

Well, it looks like your network drive doesn't actually let you change
the DACL, or rather just some parts of it; or it has very peculiar
default DACL settings that don't quite mesh with Cygwin.  The result is
that when Cygwin tries to set up the POSIX permissions it actually locks
you out from reading that file or directory.

> How could I get setup to run correctly again?

You should either use a local disk, a different network share or get the
share you're using correctly configured.  If you can remove all
inheritable DACL on the installation directory before you attempt to
install anything and assume ownership and full control, that would be
worth a try.

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