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Re: gawk 4.1.4: CR separate char for CRLF files

On 10. 8. 2017 14:04, cyg Simple wrote:
The clue here is, does it only work for this type of OS?  If yes then it
isn't portable anyway but should it be?  And does it only work on this
type of OS because of an issue that could change as a result of a fix.
Cygwin has always been and will always be a work in progress.  The rule
of thumb "does it work on Linux" should be applied to all that you do
with Cygwin.  If it only works on Cygwin and not on Linux then the
chances are, something will change.

I feel the need to correct you slightly.  Although Linux is a good model, Cygwin primarily strives to be a good *POSIX* platform, so there may be cases where the two intentionally differ.

David Macek

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