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Re: Request update GCC

On Sat, 24 Jun 2017 19:21:57, Steven Penny wrote:
gcc-core, gcc-g++
- version: 5.4.0-1
- version: 6.3.0-1 [test]
- Jonathan Yong (JonY)

mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core, mingw64-x86_64-gcc-g++
- version: 5.4.0-3
- Jonathan Yong (JonY)

mingw64-i686-gcc-core, mingw64-i686-gcc-g++
- version: 5.4.0-4
- Jonathan Yong (JonY)


Now that the issue with readline has been resolved, thanks to great work by
Corinna and Eric, I wanted to revist some other of my issues. I am reposting
this because it is a new month.

Some work was done on this in June and July, but I still do not see even a test
version with the mingw64-*-gcc-* packages. I use Cygwin quite a bit, but when I
can I prefer to build Windows native versions of programs, this way I can share
them without worrying about the Cygwin DLL.

Can we please release at least test versions of the mingw64-*-gcc-* packages?

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