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RE: lftp 4.8.0-1

> lftp 4.8.0-1 is now available in Cygwin. This is a new upstream release,
> with minor enhancements and bug fixes.  Please see
> http://lftp.tech/news.html for the list of changes.
> lftp is a sophisticated file transfer program and ftp/http/bittorrent
> client. It supports multiple network protocols.  It offers tab completion,
> command history, job control, and bookmarks. It can mirror sites and
> transfer multiple files in parallel. It keeps trying interrupted
> operations
> until it can complete them.

Since I upgraded, I've been getting stack dumps with each invocation.
The program works fine, downloading the file I'm requesting, but leaves
behind file lftp.exe.stackdump.

I execute it from a Bourne shell script. The command line is:

lftp -c "open $host; mget -E logs.*.tar.gz"

It gets its username and password from ~/.netrc.

As I said, the download is good.

In case it is useful, my latest stack dump is attached.

--Ken Nellis

Attachment: lftp.exe.stackdump
Description: lftp.exe.stackdump

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