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Gvim Subprocesses Hangs

I have an issue running gvim (under X11) where subprocesses invoked
with the bang command will hang.

For example, I might run:

! git pull

and the process will never complete. If I look at task manager, I will
see a gvim.exe subprocess with around 30% CPU occupying the top of the
CPU usage on the box.

The issue seems to come and go, where it will sometimes happen and
sometimes not. When it happens it happens to all commands. So running,

! ls

(as useless as that might be) will hang just as readily as something complex.

I have attempted to solve the problem with updates and rebases.
Neither of these solve the problem. Oddly enough, console vim does not
suffer from this issue and continues to work.

Does anyone know why this might be?

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