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Cygwin-X icons not appearing after Cygwin 64 bit install w/X selected as "install"

Hello all,

I'm reinstalling Cygwin after wiping my system and am finding that the inst= all doesn't create any icons for the X server/apps. A little annoying since=  this is the primary reason I'm installing Cygwin.

Setup version: 2.881 64-bit
Windows: 10 Home. Spring(?) creator's update (Version 1703)

I can start X by opening a Cygwin64 shell, and then running "startxwin," an= d that works for most of my needs. However this seems a strange behavior.

Is there a setup log I can look at to see if it's even trying to create the=  icons? I have Windows 7 hosts, admittedly installed with older installers,=  that have icons for Cygwin-X.

I selected "install" for XWindows, so pretty much everything X is installed=  save the desktops, and perhaps some of those.


Brian Cowan

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