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Re: Link error with static version of zlib?

On 7/24/2017 7:31 PM, J (Jean-Claude Gervais) wrote:
> Hello Steven and Hans-Bernhard,
> I believe the problem stems from a missing component in the runtime.
> When I use Gentoo's Crossdev and generate either the 32 or 64 bit
> version of MinGW, it allows me to compile and link the app with no
> other dependencies than msvcrt.dll. I can run the cross-compiled app
> directly on Windows.
> But for some reason, the MinGW compiler present in Cygwin looks for
> threading support which is not there.
> This is strange because I manually compiled the source for both
> libraries (zlib with minizip in the contrib folder) and it gives the
> same error.
> Searching the source for any mention of threads in the code yields
> nothing except comments about whether routines are thread-safe or not.
> The link complains about those functions missing from libpthread.a,
> even though that library is not invoked.
> I've tried linking the pthread library, but it does not supply the
> missing symbols.
> So those symbols have to either be present in a lib that is missing
> from the link-line, which would be strange because the same link-line
> works with the linux version of MinGW
> or
> the runtime library needs to supply them?
> I'll try and narrow it down more.

You might get more help if you give the commands used to link the
package.  Note you must have the library specifications after the
objects being linked which is my guess as to the issue.

cyg Simple

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