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Re: gcc-7.1.0/c++17/old-abi: empty stringstream invalid memory access

On 23/07/17 12:38, Irfan Adilovic wrote:
I am reproducing here a bug report I filed to gcc's bugzilla against
gcc-7.1.0:https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=81522  , in
hopes of finding others who observed the same issue or who may have a
solution. The bug only appears on Cygwin and only in c++17 mode with
the old ABI.

Earlier in the month, there were a few issues reported regarding g++ that turned out to be a problem in signal.h. This was fixed in Cygwin 2.8.2. Please could you verify the version of Cygwin that you're using (cygcheck -c cygwin). If you have an older version of Cygwin, please could you update and re-run your testcase.


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