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Re: How to repeat a bash shell script until success

On 2017-07-12, Bryan Dunphy wrote:
> I have a shell script, originally created for Mac OS X. that waits
> for an external drive to be mounted (by testing an “ls” of the
> volume’s root directory for success) then runs an “rsync” command.
> How do I get the script to be run repeatedly until successful exit
> under Cygwin?
> Here is the unmodified Mac OS version of the script:
> #!/bin/bash
> if ls /Volumes/Shared >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
> then
>         rsync -avz --compress-level=9 --delete-during --partial --exclude 'cache/' aleph.gutenberg.org::gutenberg /Volumes/Shared/Project-Gutenberg
>         exit 0
> else
>         exit 1
> fi

Let the name of your script be "myscript".  The following will run
myscript every two seconds until it succeeds.

    while ! myscript; do sleep 2; done

This is really a bash programming question and is not specific to


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