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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Git v2.13.2-2

Version 2.13.2-2 of Git has been uploaded and should be coming soon to a
mirror near you. This update includes the following packages:

- git
- git-cvs
- git-debuginfo
- git-email
- git-gui
- gitk
- git-p4
- git-svn

This update splits Git's support for Perforce repositories into a new
package -- git-p4 -- and thus removes the dependency of the base git
package on Python.

As of this version, if you use the `git p4` commands, you will need to
install the git-p4 package; this will not happen automatically.  If you
do not use the `git p4` commands and previously only had the python2
package installed because of git's dependency on it, you can now safely
uninstall it.

Thanks to Yaakov for providing the patch for this.



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