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Re: Request to the git maintainer

Eliot Moss writes:
> I looked upstream, and at least some of the files I am concerned about
> are installed using "tar" piped to another "tar", with umask 022 set
> explicitly.  I think the problem is that the source of this copying
> has 600 or 700 permissions.  Not sure if *that* is an upstream problem
> or not ...

That'd still be a bug, then.  If those files get installed by some other
user than the one trying to use them they'd be inaccessible, both on
UN*X and Windows.

I've checked what openSUSE does and they just enter the build script
with a 'umask 022'.  I didn't find any patch that fixes up the
permissions later, So that seems to be enough.  I'd try to build that
way first. [later…] Yup, just setting the umask to some 022 before
building the packages does the right thing on Cygwin, too.

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