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Re: Request to the git maintainer

Eliot Moss writes:
> Dear maintainer of git ....
> I use CrashPlan as my backup engine.  It has difficulty backing up
> files with no "other" access.  Many git locale (.mo) and doc-related
> files have permissions 600 (directories 700).  Is there a good reason
> for this?  I would think that 644 and 755 access would be fine for
> these files, and it would prevent the problems I see with CrashPlan.

That's an upstream build system bug.  Some of the installation scripts
use cp instead of install and that in turn makes them dependent on umask
(which doesn't get set aywhere I can easily find).  I guess Adam could
work around that by setting 'umask 022' in the cygport file, but it
really should be fixed in git.git.

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