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Re: Redirection to stderr

On 10/07/2017 11:06, cygwin-mailinglist wrote:
Hi Marco,

thanks for your reply. I'm mailing you personally because at first I only
subscribed to the mailing list digest (so I didn't receive your response
directly)  and cannot or don't know yet how to reply to your mail to the
list which I only see in the web archive.--

reply to both.

As to your question: The redundant redirection of "stderr to itself"
appears in the context of a larger system of scripts which permit
configuring the destination of the redirection. The original reads
something like ''2> "$STDERR_TARGET"''. The elegance is that I can
configure where diagnostic output goes by simply setting an environment
variable. The scripts simply use whatever "file system location" (possibly
/dev/stderr) is configured.

Rationale aside, it is a bug, isn't it?

I guess a side effect of a lost race.
Redirecting something on itself it is not guarantee to work.



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