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XTerm always gives out an error message concerning a font

Hi all,

I have to admit to being almost totally ignorant on fonts under X11.
So not only do I not know how to fix what's happeing (and I found
nothing relevant by searching via google), but I think I also lack the
knowledge to make a mess of it. In fact: I never touched anything to
do with fonts after installing. So I would not expect anything to be
wrong, really.

Here's the error, and it crops up every single time an term is started:
/usr/bin/xterm: cannot load font

This happens with both of these .Xresources file contents:
XTerm*font: *-fixed-*-*-*-18-*
XTerm.*.scrollBar: true
XTerm.*.scrollbar.width: 8

XTerm*font: *-fixed-*-*-*-18-*-ISO8859-*
XTerm.*.scrollBar: true
XTerm.*.scrollbar.width: 28

And I know for a fact that the content is processed, because if I play
around with the scrollbar width (as shown) that works a treat (so xrdb
-merge is not my problem).

File .xsession-errors is empty.

I've attached those files that I know I'd want to look at, but there
may be (many) more - let me know what else is needed and I'll supply
as quickly as I can.

Thanks for looking,

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