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Re: scandirat return dirents of parent dir

On 04.07.2017 13:09, comic fans wrote:
      I've found this problem when compile
casync(https://github.com/systemd/casync.git) in cygwin,workflow to
trigger this :
     scandirat(rootfd,".", firstLevelDirEnts......);
     foreach dirent in firstLevelDirEnts:
          if dirent is dir:
              scandirat(subdirfd,".",  secondLevelDirEnts......);

      at this time, secondLevelDirEnts should be files in subdir, but
in cygwin, secondLevelDirEnts is just same as firstLevelDirEnts.

       This problem didn't happen in linux , nor win10 WSL,  but
happens in both cygwin/msys2.
It would be nice to provide a complete, compilable test case, please.
It is unclear what you mean by "secondLevelDirEnts is just same" because that's different things inside a loop.
Did you consider that one of the entries is ".."?

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