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Re: Please update libzmq5

On 2017-07-03 03:38, morten bjoernsvik via cygwin wrote:

I was unable to install jupyter notebook (https://jupyter.org/) on > cygwin64 (python3.6.1) without manually updating the
ZeroMQ library to latest stable version 4.2.1

What is the exact issue here, because...

The python lib pyzmq fails installation. This library is a widely use > python lib and is also used in salt.

And the latest version of which, which predates zeromq 4.2.1 (and therefore cannot actually require it) is already available in the distribution as python{2,3}-zmq.

$ apt-cyg show libzmq5

Please note that apt-cyg is not a supported method of package management on Cygwin.


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