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debuginfo Dwarf Error

while extracting debuginfo on 32 bit gdal dll

$ ls -s cyggdal-20.dll
103M cyggdal-20.dll

cygport randomly (moon phase?) is stacked waiting for nm
to extract all the data due to Dwarf Error

$ nm -l cyggdal-20.dll
66e7ab80 b .bssBFD: Dwarf Error: Could not find abbrev number 4838.

On 64bit the issue does not arise and nm does its job in 40 seconds,
for the 32 bit after 8 hours it could be still running.
Changing binutils from 2.25 to 2.28 makes no difference.

The only explanation of the error I found is:

but I do not see a solution for my case.

Any hint really appreciated

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