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Re: Compile/run problems on cygwin not solved by going to cygwin64

On 28/06/2017 22:00, Wouter van Doorn wrote:
Hello all,

== The Question ==>
When I compile a C program, the resulting executable runs fine under
the Windows command prompt, but does nothing in the Mintty terminal -
any program I compile will terminate immediately and not do anything
at all. How do I get this to behave as expected?

Hi Wouter,

can you try from mintty

$ gcc -Wall -o ciao hello.c

$ ./ciao.exe
Hello, world!

$ echo $?

I can't give the strace output, as 'strace ./hello.exe' causes an
immediate segmentation fault. No idea why, but not something I'm going
to put energy into right now.

Symantec AV ?
I had the same issue and it is gone with cygwin-2.8.1-0.1 (test release)


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