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On Jun 27 04:16, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Brian Inglis!
> > Is there an option so git will download your updated source, reject my patched
> > source in place, and not just overwrite it?
> Assuming you have remotes in place,
> git fetch --all
> git checkout -B your-fix-branch origin/master
> .. make your changes ...
> git format-patch origin/master

Good advice.  Git always has multiple ways to do stuff, but this
is a pretty condensed one.

Personally I'm using a slower variation motst of the time:

  $ git checkout master
  $ git pull
  $ git checkout -b my-patch-branch
  [hack, hack, hack]
  $ git commit
  $ git format-patch -1

If the hacking takes longer I want to update my branch to the latest
upstream master:

  $ git checkout master
  $ git pull
  $ git checkout my-patch-branch
  $ git rebase [-i] master
  [more hacking]

It's not the quickest way to handle stuff, but it's a massive
progress from CVS...


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