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Re: TIOCSTI or workaround?

On 2017-06-25 20:58, Greywolf wrote:

I have a program I've writ which takes input and types on to other terminals; however, it seems that under Cygwin, TIOCSTI on a file descriptor doesn't work according to plan -- I get "Invalid argument", but I don't know why.

Did a read on ioctl, and saw something about POSIX STREAMS. I thought that paradigm had died a mean nasty ugly death YEARS back, but I'm hoping that's entirely beside the point.

Does there exist a way to successfully call

     ioctl(fd, TIOCSTI, (char *)cp)

or is there a workaround?


I used the "standard" TIOCSTI definition of:

#define TIOCSTI	0x5214

[or whatever it is, under Linux -- can't check right now]. Perhaps it is just that IOCTL directive which is out of whack. Basic conceptual question still stands...


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