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Starting xterm after XWin : sporadic error

After this in a Windows Command Prompt box:

@bin\run bin\XWin -clipboard -nolock -multiwindow 2>nul
@bin\xterm -display :0.0

I have been getting this rather frequently

1 [main] xterm 5400 child_info_fork::abort: \bin\cygX11-6.dll:
Loaded to different address: parent(0x500000) != child(0x490000)
/usr/bin/xterm: Error 29, errno 11: Resource temporarily unavailable
Reason: spawn: fork() failed

but annoyingly not all the time. A lot of the time things are just fine.
I have run "rebaseall". I allow a long pause between the first and
second line to allow XWin time to kick in, which it seems to need. Any

Thank you!

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