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rxvt won't stay running

I've installed the latest (as of this writing) Cygwin base and a few other

I have a startup batch file on my XP box that I copied over to the new Win7
box (modifying the HOME variable to match the new box).

I also copied over the home directory from the XP box, so that I can get the
.z* setup files and scripts that I have in my bin directory.

But, when I run it, it just flashes and dies.

Here is the contents:
@echo off

chdir C:\cygwin\bin
set HOME=\cygwin\home\Brown

rxvt -e /bin/zsh --login -i

Any ideas why it is failing?  Something you need me to look at?  It isn't
anything in the home files that I copied over from the XP box, because before
I did that, I tried starting and it flashed and died.

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