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How to "lock" package exclusion?

Procexp showed that /usr/libexec/gam_server.exe has link to Emacs.

There is another evidence::

  bash# apt-cyg depends emacs-w32 | grep gamin
  170:emacs-w32 > emacs > libglib2.0_0 > libfam0 > gamin
  1533:emacs-w32 > libMagickCore6_2 > libcairo2 > libglib2.0_0 > libfam0 > gamin

Previously asked:

  Does gam_server have to run?

but without any useful response except to uninstall gamin.

If I proper understand libfam is:


I am not sure if Emacs need libfam0 via  libglib2.0_0...

So I unistalled gamin, but setup.exe ask about installing required packages
and during next installation I'll get it.

How can I "lock" package to prevent intalling even if it is "required".


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