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Re: configure fails on checking ino_t


you're right; I'm so used to seeing those modules listed that
I forgot that how they get there recently changed.
(Well, recently in Geomview terms...)

Separate modules from base Geomview now, xforms is no longer a dependency, which is good.
So, the base Geomview is good to go into Cygwin without them, I think.



> > However, Geomview's supplied modules aren't listed in
> > the right panel of its main window,
> > suggesting it hasn't been configured and built with xforms
> > and with Tcl/Tk, which its modules need. I have
> > some notes with hints on this at:
> > http://personal.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/L.Wood/software/SaVi/running-under-Windows/
> It looks like this has changed.  There's no longer a --with-xforms 
> configure option, and the modules requiring xforms or Tcl/Tk are now 
> packaged separately.  (See the top-level README.)  I'll think about how 
> to best package these modules.
> Ken

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