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Re: Two Lyx 2.2.3-1 Issues

On 08/06/2017 19:42, James R. Phillips via cygwin wrote:
First, many thanks to Marco Atzeri for packaging and maintaining LyX, a very useful program, on Cygwin.

Hi James,

I am using the recently announced version 2.2.3-1.

The issues:

1) It appears that libqt5-svg should be added as an install dependency, since it can't load svg icons without it.

more likely libQtSvg4.
It shows up as loaded dll


It is not a direct dependency, more likely a dynamic load dependency
though the Qt plugin system.

2) Spellchecking is not available from the gui despite aspell and hunspell both being installed.

I will look.


James R. Phillips


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