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two installer questions

1. setting up new cygwin X server, got stuff installed
by selecting xinit in installer and letting it pull things
in. (oddly, selecting xterm instead does not pull in
everything as I expected.)

But why is adwaita-icon-theme a necessary dependency for xinit?
I'm not installing gnome...

2. I previously deliberately installed the older Tcl/Tk 8.5.18
instead of 8.6. rerunning the installer to add in more X stuff
automagically updated to 8.6 again. Shouldn't a specific
version chosen in a previous install be sticky somehow,
or ask if an update is desired? The ability to freeze selected
packages while everything else updates, and know about it,
seems useful to me.

 Lloyd Wood lloyd.wood@xxxxxxxxxxx http://about.me/lloydwood 

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