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ino_t and d_ino now a thing again?


on attempting to build Geomview 1.9.5 on current updated
Cygwin, configure fails oddly:

checking for time_t... yes 
checking size of dev_t... 4 
checking size of ino_t... configure: error: in `/home/lloyd/savi/geomview-1.9.5': 
configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (ino_t) 
See `config.log' for more details 

lloyd@box ~/savi/geomview-1.9.5 
$ tail config.log 
#define HAVE__BOOL 1 
#define HAVE_STDBOOL_H 1 
#define HAVE_M_PI 1 
#define HAVE_DEV_T 1 
#define HAVE_INO_T 1 
#define HAVE_TIME_T 1 
#define SIZEOF_DEV_T 4 

configure: exit 77 

If HAVE_INO_T is 1, getting sizeof should be a non-problem.

Is this a reoccurrence of the 2006 d_ino problems that were an issue for Cygwin
1.5.19, and discussed with Eric Blake?

thanks and regards
Lloyd Wood

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