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grep-3.0-2 issues within Makefile

grep-3.0-2 binary will not function as expected when the -v option is
used in a Makefile.

Resolution - downgrade to grep-3.0-1.

When using Cygwin to build Magic Lantern users stated reporting a
build errors on new Cygwin installs around November 2016. The
resolution was to downgrade grep to the previous version.

The discussion and instructions on how to prepare Cygwin to compile
Magic Lantern are in this forum topic:


Using a Cygwin install that includes the default grep-3.0-1 will
result in errors when running the follow Makefile code:

localsyms: libtcctmp.o
    @$(READELF) $< -Ws | $(AWK) "{print \$$8}" | sort | uniq \
        | grep -v "^tcc_new$$" \
        | grep -v "^tcc_delete$$" \
        | grep -v "^tcc_add_file$$" \
        | grep -v "^tcc_relocate$$" \
        | grep -v "^tcc_get_symbol$$" \
        | grep -v "^tcc_add_symbol$$" \
        | grep -v "^tcc_set_options$$" \
        | grep -v "^tcc_load_offline_section$$" \
        > $@

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