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RE: setup-x86.exe default view

From: Sky Diver 
> Actually, the preferred user experience would be to:
> 1. Start in Category view
> 2. Select whatever packages to install/remove/etc.
> 3. Click "Next"
> 4. Have the Pending view show up in order to review whatever is going
> to be installed.
> 5. Have the option to Approve / Cancel / Go Back

I am perfectly happy with the current Setup; however I would 
be surprised if the typical user did not launch Setup mainly 
to update packages already installed. Accordingly, Pending is 
the logical view to show first. But I recognize that it would 
be good to also show Pending as the last stage before actual 
installation. Therefore, if changes are made to Setup, perhaps 
start with Pending. If anything is added or deleted by going 
off the Pending view, then Next should take you back to 
Pending for a final review before actual installation.

--Ken Nellis