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Re: setup-x86.exe default view

On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 8:34 PM, Ted To wrote:
> Unfortunately it defaults to "Pending" and does not remember when I set it
> to "Category."  The next question is:  If it did remember, where would that
> be?  I.e., what file do I edit to make it default to "Category"?

FWIW, I was planning on asking the same question because it looks like
the behavior is hard-coded, but I then realized that starting in
'Pending' mode make more sense.
This way you're able to see up front which modules will get
auto-upgraded and decide if to upgrade or keep the existing.

As an example, if this feature were on a while back, it would have
saved me a trip to the time machine in order to roll back PHP7 to

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