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Problem with CMake and installation directories whose name contains a space


In the PLplot project (http://plplot.sf.net) we have encountered a
problem with CMake 3.6.2 as part of the Cygwin packages: if you
specify an installation directory whose name contains a space, the
configuration step gets into an endless loop, more specifically, it
writes a file export_plplot.cmake.tmp which contains:


# Compute the installation prefix relative to this file.
get_filename_component(_IMPORT_PREFIX "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_FILE}" PATH)
get_filename_component(_IMPORT_PREFIX "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}" PATH)
get_filename_component(_IMPORT_PREFIX "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}" PATH)

(a total of 1.5 GB before I killed the process).

If I use CMake built directly from the sources for 3.8.1, the current
version, all goes as expected. I have tried this with CMake versions
for MinGW-w64/MSYS2 and ordinary Windows as well, and they gave no
such problems. I am not sure if all were version 3.6.2, but on Linux
this version did not present this problem, so we have to conclude that
it is specific to Cygwin's version.

While such directory names may not be that common for Cygwin users, it
is a peculiar problem and it seems it could easily be solved by
adopting the current version of CMake.

Kind regards,


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