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Re: opencv 3.2.0-1: imshow() very slow

On 5/13/2017 6:50 PM, Falk Tannhäuser wrote:

> Starting the cvtest programs in a Gnome session doesn't change anything:
> always the same warning message and a 25-seconds delay before displaying
> the picture in a window.

Then it gets complicated, the problem seems to be Dbus' configuration.

There should be a session.conf under /etc, if not, then the dbus-daemon
is using defaults which, if I remember correctly, changed 2 or 3
versions ago to being restrictive (of course they call it "secure"),
that is: don't allow anything to connect to Dbus, unless specified on
the configuration.

I might be wrong, haven't used Dbus in a while.
R. Berber

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