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Re: setup release candidate - please test

On Mon, 8 May 2017 12:06:31, Jon Turney wrote:

A setup release candidate is available at:


Since this changes the way we download files, I think this can use some wider testing before release.

Please test and give feedback to cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx. If no regressions are discovered in the next few days, it will be promoted to release.

Looks good, but I still hate the last screen. The "Create Icons" screen. I do
not now or ever want to create these icons, but Cygwin asks me every single
time. So I must uncheck the boxes every single time.

Yes, I know I can just make a shortcut with the proper flags included, but why
should I? Setup already remembers via /etc/setup/setup.rc:

- last-action
- last-cache
- last-mirror
- mirrors-lst
- net-method

We should be able to add the icon preference to this list.

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