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Re: bash shell gets aborts under latest Windows 10 updates as of 4/2/17

On 5/5/2017 7:30 AM, Andrey Repin wrote:
You can rebase all the DLLs as follows:

That's not how to do it.

1. Run

   rebase-trigger full

2. Shutdown all Cygwin processes.
3. Run setup utility to the end.

Thanks, Andrey. I have seen those instructions, but the rebaseall command itself says this when run in Bash:

$ rebaseall
rebaseall: only ash or dash processes are allowed during rebasing
    Exit all Cygwin processes and stop all Cygwin services.
    Execute ash (or dash) from Start/Run... or a cmd or command window.
    Execute '/bin/rebaseall' from ash (or dash).

Is there evidence that the instructions displayed by rebaseall are incorrect? Is it possible that the setup utility simply runs rebaseall?

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