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Avast has put 2 Cygwin files in its chest

Good morning,
a customer of us has big problems with Cygwin and Avast

Infact he has returned his brand laptop bought from us due of it.
The strange thing is a dvd preinstalled file of this Lenovo laptop has been succesfully recovered from the chest,but not the 2 files cygwin (dbus-daemon.exe and ssh.exe,both in the same folder c:\cygwin\bin).They can't be recovered both in the original place and in an external folder as well.I have located the chest folder,but it's encrypted.
Would be possible for you to provide me these files (dbus-daemon.exe and ssh.exe) via mail or uploaded somewhere in order to recover them on their original folders ? 
Please give me a feedback,as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance


Brega Alex
4D Sistemi Informatici s.r.l.
Via Kennedy, 84 - 27058 Voghera (PV) - Italy
Tel. (+39) 0383 644311
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E-mail : brega@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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