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Re: Windows 10 Creators Update and Symlinks

Hi all,

I was really excited to hear this!

I tried to export CYGWIN="winsymlinks:nativestrict" and create symlink without elevation and failed on cygwin 2.8.0 (checked that "cmd /C mklink" works as expected in Windows 10 Creators Update Developer Mode).

Any ideas if there are any extra checks that lead to "Operation not permitted"?

Windows seemingly even allows symlinks to nonexistent files (I somehow think there was a problem with that in the past). For me personally this would a strong reason to switch to real symlinks.

Best regards,


Am 13.04.2017 um 0:29 schrieb Jeffrey Altman:
When Developer mode is enabled the elevation requirement for symlink
creation is disabled:


This was necessary for symlink creation within WSL to work.

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