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How to create root account to own /var/empty for ssh?

The new version of ssh is not likely my "/var/empty", which it

var/empty must be owned by root and not group or world-writable.

It doesn't seems to like this:

 llg -a /var/empty
total 4
drwx------+ 1 root Administrators 0 Oct 11  2014 ./
 llg -an /var/empty
total 4
drwx------+ 1   0  544 0 Oct 11  2014 ./

Multiple probs:
1) there is no root account on windows.
2) My Administrator account is named 'root', as it is the closest thing
to 'root' on a windows machine.  But it doesn't like that. Originally
was UID 500.
3) Tried changing root to UID 0, but that didn't work either. :-(

How am I supposed to make ssh happy?


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