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Re: Cygwin - Install Liquidsoap for Shoutcast or Icecast

I get a warning, that I totally looked over yesterday.
I went into the Repository, and installed all items with the name of OCAML
However, that did not seem to do anything, as all these items are
still missing and need to be installed.

>>> Preparing working source directory
*** Warning: Some build dependencies are not installed.
*** Warning: This package may end up missing features, or not build at all.
*** Warning: Consider installing these packages first before continuing:
*** Warning:     ocaml(ao) ocaml(camlimages) ocaml(camomile)
ocaml(cry) ocaml(dtools) ocaml(duppy) ocaml(faad) ocaml(flac)
ocaml(gavl) ocaml(gd) ocaml(gstreamer) ocaml(ladspa) ocaml(lame)
ocaml(lastfm) ocaml(lo) ocaml(mad) ocaml(magic) ocaml(mm) ocaml(ogg)
ocaml(opus) ocaml(pcre) ocaml(portaudio) ocaml(pulseaudio)
ocaml(samplerate) ocaml(schroedinger) ocaml(sdl) ocaml(shine)
ocaml(soundtouch) ocaml(speex) ocaml(taglib) ocaml(theora)
ocaml(voaacenc) ocaml(vorbis) ocaml(xmlplaylist) ocaml(yojson)

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