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Re: Solved: R-3.3.3-1: unable to load stats.dll

On 2017-03-31 15:10, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> On 31/03/2017 22:46, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> On 2017-03-31 13:32, cyg Simple wrote:
>>> On 3/31/2017 12:57 PM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
>>>> On 31/03/2017 15:35, cyg Simple wrote:
>>>>> On 3/28/2017 3:17 PM, Oliver Schoett wrote:
>>>>>> Achim Gratz wrote:
>>> Perhaps
>>> https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/hh310513(v=vs.85).aspx
>>> should be used in the main function or a Cygwin API developed to do
>>> that.  Or fix lapack to name it's library with a different version id.
>>> If there are API/ABI differences, then -0 isn't correct since the two
>>> cannot overlay each other.
> There is no API/ABI difference
>> This is the situation alternatives(8) was designed
>> for - to mediate names and functions.
>> If a package is dependent on one or the other,
>> its location in /var/lib/pkg/ should be wired in.
>> My PATH seems to include /usr/lib/lapack, appended by
>> /etc/profile.d/lapack0.sh.

Perhaps setting Windows ENV or BASH_ENV to point to /etc/profile 
would ensure that non-interactive shells would get lapack added 
to their PATH?

>> Perhaps openblas could provide the same for its clients?
> alternatives, that is based on links, does not work for dlls on
> Windows system.

So exe DLL loading is done directly by Windows with no shim layer?
Darn - foiled again! ;^>

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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