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Re: cygserver - Postgres Multiple connection Load Testing - Inifinte Loop

On 25/03/2017 12:30, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Mar 25 09:09, Marco Atzeri wrote:

It seems that the number of max available semaphores is frozen to first call

That's normal and documented.  An existing semaphore set using the same
key has the number of semaphores defined in the first call, until you
remove the semaphore set with, for instance, ipcrm -s.  POSIX has this
to say:

      The value of nsems is either less than or equal to 0 or greater
      than the system-imposed limit, or a semaphore identifier exists
      for the argument key, but the number of semaphores in the set
      associated with it is less than nsems and nsems is not equal to 0.

Linux doesn't care, but BSD does, and our XSI IPC code is 95% BSD.



Thanks Marco

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