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Re: Strange errors running gcc tests on Cygwin

Brian Inglis writes:
> Ensure that all Cygwin dlls including anything you build are included 
> in every rebase, and do an incremental rebase after every build.

Don't do this, it's not what incremental rebase is for.  I've
specifically implemented the "ephemeral" option to rebase to temporarily
deal with DLL in staging directories without polluting the global rebase
map.  The rebase map is still used if you specify that in order to work
around the address space used by the installation, but the newl rebased
libraries don't get recorded there.  Since that rebase is throw-away you
have to specify all the ephemeral DLL that can potentially collide in
each invocation of rebase.  That's still easier than doing a full rebase
once you're done building.

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