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Re: i686 ld couldn't resolve wglCreateContext from libopengl32.a on x86_64 system

>On 2017-03-02 16:54, Yaakov Selkowitz <yselkowitz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>This looks like a snippet of an autoconf AC_CHECK_LIB (or
>AC_CHECK_FUNCTION) test. Such tests don't work with 32-bit Win32 APIs
>-- on either Cygwin or MinGW -- because they don't take stdcall into
>account. You'll need to modify the test to work around that.
>Also, if you're using Cygwin, do you *really* want to be using Win32
>OpenGL and not X11?
Yes, you're right. It's autoconf test and it perfectly passed at 64-bit MinGW and 64-bit Cygwin, but not on 32-bit Cygwin.
And I don't understand why you're say that it is related to stdcall, while wglCreateContext exposed directly without any @0 @4 etc. With --enable-stdcall-fixup ld says: undefined reference to `wglCreateContext@0'

Yes, I need to use Win32.
I want to port application that heavily POSIX-dependent, but also want to save performance as much as possible.

I think if w32api-runtime package is provided it supposed to work.